Payment Methods

All invoices are issued in USD (United States dollar) by default. Payments performed in any other currency must account for the exchange rate of said currency to USD at the moment of invoice generation and any commissions for currency exchange. A Customer is able to purchase a Contract using a variety of payment methods.

 A Customer has the right not to pay for the order in case the order has been created but not yet paid, if the Customer decides not to complete the order. The order will be expired after a given period of time (dependent on the payment method) and the Customer will not be obliged to proceed with the order. Exusmining will not process requests to cancel unpaid orders, as it is intended the unpaid orders will be expired. Customer's are solely responsible for the accuracy of payment, including but not limited to: the destination account, transferable amount and payment details: 

 If the transferred amount is below requested, Exusmining reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to adjust the Contract accordingly to received funds or request the missing amount to be paid, before activating the Contract. 

 If the transferred amount is above requested, EXUS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to adjust the Contract accordingly to received funds, add the excessive amount to Customer's Account Balance or return the excessive amount through the payment system the Customer has used to pay for the order initially. 

If the Customer initiates the payment with incorrect/insufficient details and/or to the wrong destination account, Exusmining will attempt, if possible, to process the order in a timely matter. If the destination address does not belong to Exusmining (directly or via a third-party service) and/or is not related to Exusmining in any way, Exusmining will not be held responsible and will decline any claims.